CVO Credentialing Issues 

Aperture Credentialing has set up a mailbox to receive emails regarding any issues with the CVO Credentialing.  Aperture suggests that when a nursing facility has been notified by a MCO that there is not an application on file (but the application had previously been received by another MCO) the  facility should scan the letter they received and email it to  Aperture has a team who works the email box and if there is a notation that the application was previously sent for another plan, they will locate the application and forward it to the plan.   They also noted that they consider the attestation valid for 120 days.   After 120 days, an updated attestation with the application will be needed to support further credentialing events. 

As always, if you if you continue to have question regarding your facility’s CVO Credentialing, contact Dorothy Crawford at THCA.