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Moderate exercise, long thought to be a tool in the battle against Alzheimer's disease, may actually hasten symptoms if done regularly after diagnosis, a new study suggests.

NIC: Nearly $1 billion in nursing care transactions dominated by private buyers in Q1 ... Georgia panel examining proper response to scabies in nursing homes after disturbing death grabs headlines ... State investigating nursing home where resident —

Attorneys for thousands of low-income people facing Medicaid application delays in Illinois went to court this week to plead for enforcement of federal time limits.

In 2016, Massachusetts approved $35.5 million in public money to supplement pay for low-paid nursing home workers. Some nurses and aides are still waiting for their payday.

Study: Pain under-assessed, poorly managed among dementia patients ... Hidden camera captures employees ignoring, then berating fallen nursing home resident ... Young men slowly eroding gender gap in senior living healthcare jobs

A judge overturned California's two-year-old aid-in-dying law on Tuesday, giving the state attorney general just five days to file an appeal.

McKnight's Long-Term Care News has been honored with two 2018 national journalism awards from the Association of Business Publication Editors.

Participants in a national research summit have recommended nearly 700 new strategies for understanding dementia, working toward a cure and supporting people who have it.

A Wisconsin man is facing a hate crime charge after police say he sexually assaulted two nursing home residents, choosing his victims based on their age or disability.

Spectrum unravels in Connecticut as final facility enters receivership ... Young adults already playing caregiving role, worried about their own long-term care ... Families remain confused by CMS guidance on bed-rail restrictions

The head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Tuesday said her agency would not approve waivers calling for lifetime limits on Medicaid, saying officials had made that clear to states who might have been considering them.

Registration has opened for the second annual McKnight's Senior Living Online Expo, where attendees can earn up to three continuing education credits and interact with companies serving the industry.

A skilled nursing facility that denied admission to a patient receiving medically assisted treatment for an opioid addiction has settled federal discrimination charges.

Feds block Iowa from funneling $1 billion in supplemental Medicaid to cash-strapped nursing homes ... From the schoolhouse to the nursing home: bullies live here too ... Antipsychotics reduce time spent in deep sleep

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. announced Monday that a bankruptcy court will allow it to transition 23 of its 42 Orianna facilities to a new operator as part of the company's restructuring.

Though President Donald Trump's drug blueprint glossed over drug price negotiations, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Monday morning that changes are on the horizon.

Researchers: Committed couples who don't cohabitate will complicate caregiving and long-term care decision-making ... Psychological interventions can reduce chronic pain and make older adults better at coping ... It's not always risky if se

A bill in the statehouse would force many New Jersey nursing homes to increase staffing of certified nurse aides, a proposal that was literally cheered by those front-line workers but rejected as an unfunded mandate by local operators.

President Donald Trump's "blueprint" for lowering prescription costs goes after pharmacy benefit managers but stops short of recommending Medicare-negotiated prices, a plank he campaigned on in 2016.

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