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AHCA 2021 convention to ‘Inspire, Engage, Reunite’ Oct. 10-13

The 72nd annual convention of the American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living is taking place in person again and organizers plan for an expansive event Oct. 10-13 near Washington, D.C.

Unvaccinated nursing home staff in the hot seat as CDC investigates COVID-19 breakthrough cases

Several Colorado senior care facilities are at the center of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 investigation, and public health officials there are zeroing in on unvaccinated staff as the cause of breakthrough cases.

COVID-19 shields may have slowed lawsuits, but wave could still hit

Despite passage of laws meant to protect businesses from COVID-19 related lawsuits in 30 states, few legal challenges have materialized yet.

An ownership group with links to COVID-era investigations and recent charges of inflating staffing reports is facing public criticism as it attempts to purchase five skilled nursing facilities in Vermont.

Senate infrastructure deal closer after Medicare agreement, but provider organization worries remaining Provider Relief Funds could get lost in the tussle … A new reason to avoid ER trips: Study links ambulance rides with superbug colonization … Another drugmaker may seek expedited approval process for its Alzheimer’s drug.

Meet Jean Bryan, Veteran VIP honoree

Jean Bryan, Executive Director, Harrison Senior Living, Philadelphia, PA, is in the 2021 class of the McKnight’s Women of Distinction as a Veteran VIP.

Meet Jaime Brady, Rising Star honoree

Jaime Brady possesses the rare ability to look back on her childhood and know she is where she is meant to be.

Online tool helps take guesswork out of COVID-19 testing in long-term care facilities

The LTCF Simulation dashboard uses facility and community data — such as proposed test schedules, number of shift workers, vaccination rates and community case prevalence — to help LTC administrators build a strong infection prevention strategy, the developers say.

Vaccination protects personnel at work and in the community, and reduces the risk of unintentionally bringing the disease to work and transmitting it to patients and peers, AHA said.

A trial in six Michigan nursing homes that included chlorhexidine bathing significantly reduced the prevalence of drug-resistant organisms in the residents’ rooms when compared with control nursing homes, researchers say.

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