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Smaller healthcare providers will be prioritized in the latest round of COVID-19 relief funding announced by federal health officials last week, according to a new analysis published Friday by LeadingAge.

Feds must collaborate — not punish — providers under new $500 million investment plan

Providers hope the federal government and states are willing to work with them, instead of punishing them, under a new $500 million infection control initiative aimed at helping facilities battle COVID-19 outbreaks.

This state plans to funnel money to nursing homes, hospitals that need help addressing staffing crisis

West Virginia nursing homes that have had to shell out more money to hire extra staff during the COVID-19 pandemic will be reimbursed under a new program just unveiled by the state.

Owner of Louisiana nursing homes says conditions in warehouse were ‘greatly exaggerated’ … State response critical in nursing home success against COVID: study … New laws allow residents to leave veterans nursing homes during public emergencies … Massive healthcare fraud sees 52 related providers charged in $308 million worth of schemes

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a less expensive copy of the blockbuster drug Lucentis for treating age-related (wet) macular degeneration and several other eye conditions.

Investigators examined recovered COVID-19 patients in Long Beach California. Fully one third of participants reported having at least one symptom of post-acute sequelae, commonly called “long COVID-19,” two months after their positive test results.

For some seniors, pandemic isolation has created a perfect storm of physical inactivity and deconditioning that has resulted in increased falls risk and greater fear of falling, researchers say.

Humana reports rise in seniors’ COVID hospitalizations … Moderna shot leads pack at preventing COVID hospitalization, CDC finds … Experts unsure what flu has in store for this season … Drug combo shrinks tumors in 39% of certain colon cancer patients, study finds … Physicians push back against pressure to use unapproved drugs … Connecticut has given 20,000 COVID booster doses

The initiative will allow states and other U.S. jurisdictions to “staff, train and deploy” strike teams to help long-term care operations with known or suspected COVID-19 infections, CDC says.

An FDA advisory panel has unanimously recommended approving COVID-19 booster shots for adults aged 65 years and older and for individuals at high risk of severe disease, including healthcare workers.

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