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The nomination period for the 6th Annual McKnight’s Women of Distinction program is at its midpoint, a good reminder to pull together key materials soon if they haven’t been already, organizers remind.

Cannabis use in older adults is on the rise and clinicians should screen for it, according to a new study. 

Several nutrients are linked with cognitive function and mood in older adults, according to a new report.

A new study seems to show that some diabetes medicines may lower a person’s risk for colon cancer. 

Cocoa supplements linked to cognitive benefits in older adults … Device collects blood from fingertips, bypassing vein draws … Study finds moderate link between hearing impairment, dementia risk in people under 85 … Phase 3 trial of buntanetap for Parkinson’s shows promise, more planned … Telehealth effective for cholesterol coaching, study finds

Providers pursuing Green House projects and prioritizing steps to enhance care quality such as private rooms have won significant victories on Medicaid reimbursement funding in Ohio.

Individuals who have no plans to use disability services but still “test” standards to force compliance with federal disability law can continue to do so, the Supreme Court ruled this week.

Support, data, immigration reform necessary to address caregiver workforce shortage … Senate launches investigation into private equity health system investment … Lawmakers propose $62 million grant program to combat loneliness, isolation among seniors

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will be testing truncated survey processes starting in 2024, part of an effort to make on-site inspections more efficient as the agency deals with multiple compliance-monitoring challenges. 

A new study sheds light on sleep and cognitive changes in older adults. Namely, sleeping for  a short amount of time and sleep variability were linked to poor cognitive function, the authors reported.

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