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For-profit long-term care facilities have significantly higher rates of mortality and hospital admissions than their not-for-profit counterparts, new research has found.

Flu vaccines with four times the strength of a regular flu shot may help decrease the rate of flu-related hospitalizations in nursing homes, according to a new study.

The American Geriatrics Society has released an updated version of the Beers Criteria, a list of medications that are potentially dangerous if prescribed inappropriately to older adults.

The shift to value based payment models, drug repackaging restrictions and consolidations are among the biggest concerns for the long-term care pharmacy sector, according to report released Thursday by research firm Avalere Health and the Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition.

Value-based purchasing legislation for post-acute care is too focused on cutting payments, and not enough on promoting high quality, lower cost care, the American Hospital Association said this week.

The majority of the public has limited knowledge about dementia and Alzheimer's disease, with nearly two-thirds believing it's simply a normal part of aging, a new study has found.

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