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Increasing skilled mix fuels Ensign growth

Ensign Group notched another record quarter for earnings and an eighth consecutive quarter of overall occupancy growth, company leaders reported during a Friday earnings call covering 2022 year-end results.

Unable to attract enough workers to meet staffing minimums, many nursing homes across the US have closed wings or units or restricted new admissions over the past year. Washington may get a reprieve.

Rare nursing home sessions on grief, isolation seek solutions for patients, staff

A rare series of structured conversations on bereavement and grief in nursing homes is revealing key insights into the emotional, physical and psychological trauma of repeated loss experienced by residents and staff.

GAO: CMS transparency efforts don’t allow enough insight into nursing home ownership … 14 major consumer organizations press CMS  for nursing home staffing mandate … Athena president outlines staffing challenges, defends practices after barrage of bad press … Police: Nursing home billing coordinator stole checks from related resident

Fewer American seniors are reporting disabilities, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data. Investigators have an idea of what's behind a steep, decade-long decline.

A study of brain MRIs found 43% higher microstructural damage scores in adults who are genetically prone to poor oral health.

There was little to no evidence that tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline were effective in this meta-analysis. Yet drugs in this class are among those most commonly used to treat pain, the researchers report.

Deaths underscore need for staffing, training to manage resident aggression … Study finds Pfizer vaccine protects seniors from severe omicron illness for 6 months … WHO: Seniors accounted for 80% of total COVID-19 deaths worldwide, 2020-2021 … Researchers narrow list of ‘long COVID’ symptoms to 7 … Clinical frailty risk scale better detects frailty than ‘Hospital’ scale

Pinnacle Awards ceremony to honor long-term care’s ‘best of the best’

A star-studded public awards banquet will honor the 2023 McKnight’s Pinnacle Awards winners March 7 at the historic Ivy Room in Chicago.

Federal efforts to rein in Medicare Advantage spending and recoup payments awarded for improper diagnoses will likely lead to even more financial pressure on nursing homes that serve plan beneficiaries, according to experts who monitor managed care.

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