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Healthcare providers should reach the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services' goal of having 30% of all Medicare payment be value-based by the end of this year, one CMS official shared Tuesday.

Although providers are rightfully preoccupied with the requirements of the Improving Post-Acute Care Transformation Act of 2014, they should also be paying attention to widespread changes in data standardization and exchange, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid officials emphasized Thursday.

Older diabetes patients who receive prolonged courses of antibiotics are at the highest risk of having infected diabetic foot ulcers, a new study shows.

Nursing homes were allowed a 30-day window last month to give the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services a piece of their mind about the way the agency certifies and tests electronic health record products.

Previous research has shown that spending time together viewing art at a gallery can lead to cognitive improvements and enhanced quality of life among patients with dementia, as well as reduce caregiver burden.

A review of prior studies found that nursing home patients, already prone to overactive bladder or urinary incontinence, are often given medications that exacerbate those conditions.

Patients with chronic respiratory disorders who received music therapy in conjunction with standard rehabilitation saw a marked improvement in symptoms, psychological wellbeing and quality of life, according to New York researchers.

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