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Clinicians are the key to spreading awareness of a little-used Medicare benefit that supports long-term quality of life, advocates told Congress. The post Dementia care planning benefit largely untapped: testimony appeared first on McKnight's Lo

People who learn to read and write may have lifelong cognitive advantages over people who never learn these skills, a new study has found. The post Dementia risk triples for those who cannot read appeared first on McKnight's Long Term Care News.

Women are more likely to experience a stroke within five years of having a common preventive surgery, say Dartmouth researchers. The post Stroke treatment less beneficial for women appeared first on McKnight's Long Term Care News.

Common cognitive disorder often misdiagnosed as dementia … Belly fat finding may lead way to age-related metabolic disease prevention … Older adults have less diabetes distress, better blood sugar control … Nurse staffing shortage expected to get wor

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is hosting a webinar on Quality Payment Program policies for calendar year 2020 on Nov. 19. The post CMS webinar on physician payment policies Tuesday appeared first on McKnight's Long Term Care N

Frail patients have an "alarmingly high" mortality risk in both high and lower-stress surgeries, according to an analysis of veterans hospital data. The post No surgical procedure is ‘low risk’ for frail patients, say researchers appeared f

Cognitive function begins to decline early in hearing loss, when the ability to hear is still functionally normal, according to a new study. The post Cognitive impairment begins early in age-related hearing loss: study appeared first on McKnight

A phone call, email or text successfully prompts statin-takers to fill their first prescription and stick with their medication regimen, say researchers. The post ‘Nudges’ effective in helping statin-takers stick to their regimen appeared first on Mc

Earlier onset, cognitive impairment raise mortality odds in Parkinson’s disease … Mortality risk competes with benefits of oral anticoagulants for A-Fib … Pacemakers improve heart function in chemotherapy-induced heart disease … Antibiotic-resistant

The long-term care community responded following a federal hearing Thursday that featured calls for increased oversight of nursing homes to ensure quality standards are being met and prompted interest in another federal study on the use of antipsycho

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