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Patients were nearly four times more likely to say their pain was well-controlled when their healthcare provider was seen as courteous. The post Provider kindness can significantly reduce perception of pain, study finds appeared first on McKnight

Certain foods from the classic Mediterranean diet are linked to high levels of helpful gut bacteria, a Netherlandish study has found. The post Gut reaction: Mediterranean diet aids digestion appeared first on McKnight's Long Term Care News.

Exercising before breakfast improves the body’s response to insulin, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, say researchers. The post Pre-breakfast exercise lowers metabolic risk for bariatric adults appeared first on McKnight's

Lightweight robotic exosuit aids walking, mobility …  Provider’s high expectations can have a placebo effect on health treatment … IBD prevalence 3 times higher than estimates and expected to rise … Mobile app use increases heart meds compliance, red

Nursing home operators hoping for a last-minute change to the new consumer “warning” icon for certain types of abuse citations had received little reason for optimism Monday afternoon. The post CMS leaves providers hanging — abuse icon implementation

With little more than a month before some Phase 3 measures are set to take effect, providers are calling on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to delay enforcement of all measures under the final phase of the Requirements of Participati

Some providers might be leery about acquiring temporary nurses through a third party, following a $2.75 million settlement between healthcare workers and a travel nursing agency. The post Nurse staffing company to pay $2.75M to settle overtime wage d

Medicaid cuts could cost Michigan skilled nursing facilities more than $75 million … Study focuses on SNF, assisted living evacuation decision-making during hurricanes … Nursing homes piloting robot assistant that helps reduce nurse workload … New Yo

A mechanism tied to disrupted sleep may underlie the link between beta amyloid deposits and cognitive impairment in seniors with cognitive disorders. The post Study ties beta amyloid to sleep dysfunction and impaired cognition appeared first on McKni

People with newly diagnosed Parkinson's who are taking multiple medications are at higher risk of cognitive decline, say Japanese researchers. The post Polypharmacy is linked to cognitive decline in Parkinson’s appeared first on McKnight's

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