Do you have expertise in one of the following areas?

  • Leadership & workforce development
  • Clinical care
  • Quality standards
  • Legal & regulatory compliance
  • Finance

Consider facilitating a THCA Education Foundation activity.

THCA invites members, long-term care providers, consultants, professors, state and federal experts, and others skilled at presenting, engaging audiences, and effectively delivering learning objectives to apply.

Absolutely no sales pitches! Direct promotion of the speaker’s company, services or products is not appropriate for education sessions. THCA members are sensitive to sales approaches and prefer to learn about innovative ideas and solutions to current issues surrounding their work in long-term care.

Three steps to submitting a proposal:

  1. Review the Presenter’s Guide for details about what THCA is looking for in 2023
  2. Complete the Call for Proposals Application
  3. Complete a Proposed Education Plan (sent via email to applicant after submitting an application)

Deadline: January 10, 2023

What are we looking for in 2023?

  1. Speakers: New perspectives, innovative ideas and solutions, solid best practices, excellent presentation and facilitating skills
  2. Formats: Intensive workshops, interactive group sessions, innovative and engaging delivery methods, micro learning sessions, recorded or live webinars, and webinar series
  3. Top Topics for 2023:
    • LEADERSHIP: Innovative practices in workforce development and staffing, coaching, mentoring, ethics, delivering superior customer service
    • CLINCIAL CARE: Infection control, nurse aid competencies, functional improvement, dementia care
    • QUALITY STANDARDS: 5-Star rating, person centered care plans, safe environment free of accidents & hazards, investigating and reporting allegations, emergency preparedness
    • LEGAL & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Regulatory updates, infection control survey compliance, facility assessment, CMS requirements
    • FINANCE: PDPM, QIPP, Medicaid Managed Care, PBJ

*Please refer to the Presenter’s Guide to Education Session Proposals before applying for consideration.

Who attends THCA events?

Licensed nursing facility administrators, assisted living managers, owners, operators, nurses, activity professionals, social workers, certified public accountants, and other health care professionals licensed to work in long-term care in the State of Texas attend THCA events.

Speaker Suggestions

For speaker suggestions email Randa Scott, Director of Professional Development at