Volume XXX, Number 3,
March 2015

Regulations, Rates and Readiness

Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods.
       –  Denis Waitley


As we move into the 3rd month of the 84th Legislature, we find ourselves managing the challenges of the current session, while working to ensure that enough preparation has been performed to meet the requirements from the last.

During the past month, there has been heavy focus on SB304 (three-strike legislation) that would require mandatory license revocation for a nursing facility that receives three Immediate Jeopardy violations over a defined period of time.  We have been working with the Chairman’s office (Schwertner) to propose alternatives to the proposed legislation as well as members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.  We anticipate the bill being voted out of committee in the coming week and sent to the House, with substitute language intended to address the concerns that have been presented by THCA leadership and members.

In addition to three strike legislation in the Senate, the House Appropriations Committee and sub committees have begun meeting to discuss and present funding recommendations for FY2016 -2017.  Even with the 6% increase appropriated last session, we remain almost 14% underfunded in Medicaid reimbursement according to budget estimates. Educating members of the legislature on the critical need for increased funding to improve employee retention, staff recruitment and make the necessary capital improvements to advance quality improvement efforts takes center stage.  Your collective voices will play a critical role over the next two months to impress upon the decision makers in Capitol the importance of addressing the Medicaid reimbursement gap.  Contact Scot Kibbe, Director, Government Relations, THCA to get involved today!

Then, there’s readiness…March 1st brought about change for almost 1,100 nursing homes and 57,000 Medicaid residents across Texas with the implementation of Medicaid Managed Care.  We have been working to manage and direct calls from members with issues and questions concerning implementation.  We will continue to work with HHSC and the MCO leadership to address your issues.  If questions or concerns arise, contact Dorothy Crawford, Director, Policy and Regulatory Analysis, at the THCA offices.  We’re here for you, because of you.Thank you for what you do every day on behalf of your resident, families, communities and staff.  You make a difference every day!


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