Volume XXX, Number 3,
March 2015



THCAPAC “500 Club”

recognizes the staff at Estrella Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation in Georgetown and Cheryl Killian with Legacy Care Centers for submitting their facility and individual fundraising contributions to THCAPAC!  Remit your Club Dollars to THCAPAC, P. O. Box 4554, Austin, TX 78765.


How to submit your contributions to THCAPAC:

All contributions to THCAPAC must be Personal Check; Cashiers Check or Money Order and payable to THCAPAC.  If you’d like to make a personal contribution by personal credit card, contact Gina Muniz gmuniz@txhca.org or Angela Torres atorres@txhca.orgCompany/Corporate dollars cannot be accepted.


THCAPAC Spring Golf Tournament!

Start getting your team in place for the April 20th THCAPAC Spring Golf Tournament in Austin!  Player & Sponsorship Registration information available at www.txhca.org, or contact Gina Muniz directly at gmuniz@txhca.org


Learn more about THCAPAC at: https://txhca.org/pac


Questions about THCAPAC? Contact Us as follows:

Ron Payne, THCAPAC Co-Chair: rpayne@swltc.com

Mark McKenzie, THCAPAC Co-Chair: mmckenzie@seniorcarecentersltc.com

Gina Muniz, THCAPAC Staff: gmuniz@txhca.org

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If you have suggestions for education sessions or questions about THCA education, please contact Sue Wilson at the THCA office swilson@txhca.org.