Texas Nursing Home Quality Act (NHQA)

CSSB 1050: A Solution to the State’s Long Term Care Crisis

100% of new funding provided is to improve the quality of care in Texas nursing homes
Creates largest pay-for-performance health care program of its kind in the country
Does not add to the state budget
Does not expand Medicaid

40% Dedicated to Infrastructure and Process

Wages and benefits

Direct care services to improve quality of care and resident experience

Renovations and improvements to create home‐like environment

Technology and equipment upgrades

60% Dedicated to Meeting Quality Outcomes

CMS Five‐Star Quality Measures

Staffing enhancement initiatives

Alzheimer’s, dementia and obesity care

How the NHQA Works

  • Funding similar to 43 other states and the District of Columbia
  • Addresses long term care needs without costing the state budget
  • Nursing facilities provide “state share” payments to the Comptroller
  • Exempted Facilities:
    • State Veterans Homes
    • Continuous Care Retirement Communities
    • Non-profit
  • For every $1.00 committed, the state will receive approximately $2.50 from the federal
  • government to support Texas nursing homes.

Returning Federal Taxes to Texas

NHQA would bring federal funding Texans have paid in taxes that other states are using to improve long term care.

For every $1 Texans send to Washington, the federal government keeps 35 cents... Texas currently receives 65 cents back.

Compare that to South Carolina, which receives more than $3.05 for every dollar it sends, Alabama at $2.60, and Indiana at $2.25.

Source: Wallet Hub

Average Daily Medicaid Per Diem Rate

Source: Available 2016 Medicaid Shortfall Report Data



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