THCA Annual Awards Program – Important Change 

Texas Health Care Association sends our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone working in our member facilities.  EVERY employee in your facility, home, center, community has gone above and beyond to care for the elderly of Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, in lieu of the regular awards process, THCA is recognizing ALL member facilities by providing a custom printed banner  that  can be displayed in your facility as a thank you to all of your healthcare heroes. We do not want ANYONE to be left out!

This banner, honoring each and every one of your employees, is sponsored by THCA and a multitude of Associate Business Members, because we believe in you and appreciate your hard work and dedication.  You are ALL HEROES in our eyes!

The banners will be mailed out in September, and we would love for you to send back pictures or tag THCA in your facility’s social media posts featuring the banner.  Don’t forget to social distance and wear masks in your photos.


Every year, the THCA Nurse Council coordinates “Nurse Scholarships” for individuals who are employed in a member facility and would like to further their nurse education and ultimately continue working for long-term care.  Applicants will be reviewed and selected by a panel of nurses from the THCA Nurse Council, and winners will be awarded a $500 scholarship by THCA and sponsoring members.

This year, scholarships will be mailed to each winner’s facility and presented by the facility Administrator.  We would love for you to take a picture and send it to us or tag THCA in your social media post when the scholarship is presented!

Again, thank you for all you do to protect Texas’s most vulnerable citizens as well as your fellow caregiver heroes on the front line.

Nursing Scholarships for CMA, LVN, RN & Advanced Degree

 **Nominations are Due September 1, 2020**