Texas’s long-term healthcare industry is currently at the forefront of a fierce battle to save lives as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present it with unprecedented challenges. If our efforts are not both strong and organized, we will lose that battle. If we lose, everyone loses: the residents, the providers, and the vendor community. The only way we can win is to unite and coordinate our response. We can’t do it alone, and thanks to our 2020 Pledge Partners, we don’t have to!

It is with great pride and gratitude that we recognize our THCA 2020 Pledge Partners. These companies have joined with us during this healthcare crisis by pledging to fund and support THCA even though we’ve had to reimagine events and programs to protect the residents and caregivers on the front line.

We are deeply grateful to every one of these companies, colleagues, and friends for their unwavering commitment to our profession. We are thankful for their pledge to help us safeguard and strengthen representation of the long-term and post-acute care industry to the government, media, and public during this crisis. Without their commitment, THCA could not continue to provide the urgently required advocacy, leadership, support, and services to our 326 member facilities and those they serve.

Please support these Pledge Partners and join us in thanking them for their promise to THCA so that, together, we may continue to care for Texas’s most vulnerable citizens.