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How to Woo Today’s Mix of Workers 
Needed to Manage Senior Living Shifts 

A “silver tsunami” is sweeping over today’s society as huge numbers of Baby Boomers advance into their so-called golden years. The senior living sector is among those that will be most disrupted as the number of those 65-plus doubles to 83.7 million, comprising a 20 percent chunk of the U.S. population by 2030. 

Among other things, this generation is unprepared for retirement. It’s influenced how they view their living choices, with aging in place – at home – their preference. As a result, senior living sector providers are being forced to adjust, and their business model is only part of the issue. A big question is who will do the work when the industry is already challenged to find qualified employees?

The answer is that it will take more than pay. To attract and retain good people in today’s multi-generational workforce, they key is to…CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING