Early Registration for THCA Summer Conference Exclusively available to Sponsors of the 2019 Activities & Social Services Conference!


Conference Sponsorship: $200 






Is your business planning to register for THCA’s 2019 Summer Conference?  If so, you may be interested in supporting the 2019 Activities & Social Services Conference through a small sponsorship thus securing your company’s ability to have early access to the summer conference registration for THCA Business Members.  NOTE: Summer Conference will only have 40 Sponsorships available at $2K each.  Each sponsorship provides for up to two (2) representatives from sponsoring company to attend.  If more than two representatives will attend, multiple sponsorships will need to be purchased. 

Support this conference hosted for individuals who through their planning and coordination of daily activities, bring quality of life to the residents in the long term care communities that you service. 

By sponsoring the 2019 Activities & Social Services Conference, your company receives: 

  1. Access to EARLY REGISRATION FOR THCA’s 2019 SUMMER CONFERENCE for Business Members (1 week before sponsorship registration opens for all business members).  NOTE: Summer Conference is limited only 40 sponsorships. 
  2. Company Name recognized in THCA Board of Directors March Meeting Workbook 
  3. Company Name recognized on Conference Registration website 
  4. Company Name recognized at event (onsite signage, presentation screen prior to sessions, etc.) 
  5. Company recognition on THCA Social Media (Twitter & Facebook) 
  6. Up to two (2) badges for sponsoring company representatives to attend any conference scheduled sessions, reception and awards luncheon 


Sponsor this event and Secure your Company’s Access to the Early Registration for THCA’s 2019 Summer Conference! 




Sponsorships for all THCA hosted events are exclusively available to THCA Business Members Only.  If your business is not a member of THCA, contact Gina Muniz as listed below 

Questions?  Contact Gina Muniz at gmuniz@txhca.org; (512-458-1257). 


THCA Region Meetings: THCA Region Chairs host Regional Meetings in each of their respective areas across the state for long term care providers.  This is an excellent and exclusive opportunity for THCA Associate Business Members/Representatives to attend, sponsor and/or partner with THCA’s Education Foundation to provide an informative educational presentation with Continuing Education Credit for attendees.  If you are not familiar with the THCA Regional meetings and would like to learn more, contact Megan Reed, THCA’s Director of Membership and Outreach.


THCA-Education Foundation – “Call for Presentations”: We recognize that THCA Business Members have a wealth of knowledge in areas that long term care providers have a need or interest in knowing.  As such, this opportunity provides your company with the ability to share that knowledge before an audience of long term care operators.  Call for Presentations submissions by THCA Business Members receive priority when selection on topics identified as needed are made.  If your company has an interest in providing and educational offering at a THCA hosted meeting or conference, this is your opportunity to submit a presentation for consideration and possible selection.  All submission are due by January 31st.  Go to https://txhca.org/seasonal_event/2019-call-for-presentations-now-open for more information.  Questions?  Contact Angela Torres, THCA’s Professional Development Director.


2019 THCA Hosted Annual Events***NEW Schedule Shift Starts in 2019*** 

Registration and Sponsorship opportunities for Business Members/Representatives will be e-mailed to current THCA Business Members as each event nears. 

Activities & Social Services Conference: April 1-2, 2019 

Business Member Sponsorship Registration: NOW OPEN! 


Annual Summer Conference:  Monday, June 24-27, 2019 

Business Member Sponsorship Registration:  OPENS APRIL 8th (*Earlier registration will be available to sponsors of the Activities & Social Services Conference) 


Annual Convention & Trade Show:   Monday, September 16-19, 2019 

Business Member Registration & Sponsorships: OPENS April 8th  


If you have any questions relative to your business membership benefits and activities, please contact THCA’s Director of Business Member Relations, Gina Muniz gmuniz@txhca.org; (512) 458-1257.