This May, the Quality Topic of the Month is a Member Spotlight that focuses on learning from one another; specifically two caregivers with over 92 years of combined experience in the same nursing facility.




It’s a small WORLD with a big HEART

Don’t forget to celebrate National Nursing Home Week/ National LTC Administrators Week this month, May 8- 14th, check out the AHCA planning guide.  Other things to celebrate this month are National Nurses Week, May 6-12.

AHCA Staff Stability Toolkit

All THCA members have access to AHCA developed materials.  You will need your login to open and review the following resources:

UPDATED! Cost of Turnover Calculator

The Cost of Turnover Calculator offers providers a method to calculate a center’s expenses associated with turnover and to determine savings based on targeted improvement.

Introduction & Leadership Responsibilities

Focus on person-centered leadership: an approach aimed to engage others and listen to what is important to them.

Strategy 1: Interviewing New Candidates – Employee Participation

Learn about how to involve existing staff in the selection of new hires to invest them in the selection process and support for new hires, and to help managers gain more insight into the candidate’s personality.

Strategy 2: Behavioral Based Interview Questions

Explore the benefits of using behavioral-based interview questions to identify candidate competencies that are needed for the position and to gain an accurate impression of the candidate. FORM INCLUDED: Sample Candidate Evaluation Record.

Strategy 3: Performing 30-60-90 Day Review

Learn the “how-tos” of performing 30–60–90 reviews for new hires to help keep good employees from falling through the cracks. FORMS INCLUDED: 1) 30-60-90 Feedback by New Employees; 2) 30-60-90 Supervisor Evaluation of New Employee.

Strategy 4: Walkabouts/Rounding on Direct Reports

This section identifies how regular employee visits made by the administrator and supervisor, in the employee’s work space, fosters staff job satisfaction while saving managers time. FORM INCLUDED: Walkabout/Rounding Staff Log.

4 Key Strategies to Retain New Hires and Reduce Employee Turnover Webinar

Creative and person-centered strategies from management are needed to improve commitment to current and future employees. Strategies need to focus on effective interviewing, hiring, monitoring/evaluating/ mentoring to retain talent. This webinar will focus on 4 key strategies to help providers improve retention and the working environment.


Additional AHCA Resources

Payroll-Based Journal and Electronic Staffing Data Collection: What You Can Do Today

AHCA members can learn more about Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) and its impact by accessing a free webinar here.

A Guide to Staff Stability for Leaders

This guide with a competency-based approach applies concepts and practices based on the work of Susan Eaton, Ph.D. who, in 2002, completed a CMS-funded study, “What a Difference Management Makes!”

Consistent Assignment – A Resource Guide

This guide is designed to support those who are adopting consistent assignment. It provides easy steps and links to resources that help an organization move through each phase of the process from initiation through adoption.

Improving Staff Satisfaction: What Effective Leaders are Doing

This guide provides practical ideas on how to address the four most important factors that drive staff satisfaction.

And others…

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