Volume XXX, Number 3,
March 2015

March, 2015

  • Mar 9 – 11
    NCAL Spring Conference, Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • Mar 11 – 13
    AHCA Independent Owners Leadership Conference, Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • Mar 13
    AHCA Independent Owner Council Meeting, Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • Mar 16 – 18
    AHCA/NCAL 2015 Quality Award Senior Examiner Training, Tampa, FL
  • Mar 23
    • Deadline to submit Presentations Proposals for the THCA 65th Annual Convention and Trade Show, CLICK HERE to submit a proposal. The process takes about 10 minutes.
    • AHCA ID/DD Committee In-Person Meeting, Washington, DC
  • Mar 24
    AHCA ID/DD Residential Services Providers Fly-IN, Washington, DC
  • Mar 25
    • THCA Advocacy Committee Meeting, Austin, TX
    • THCA Legal Committee Meeting, Austin, TX
    • THCA Region Chairs Meeting, Austin, TX
    • THCA Executive Committee Meeting, Austin, TX
    • THCA Board of Directors Meeting, Austin, TX
  • Mar 26
  • Mar 30
    THCA Activity Professionals Meeting, Austin, TX
  • Mar 30 – 31
    AHCA Quality Award Board of Overseers, Washington, DC
  • Mar 31
    Deadline for discounted room rate for Spring Conference at the Barton Creek Conference Center, Austin, TX – Click HERE for conference details and to pre-register
  • Mar 31 – 2
    National Investment Center (NIC) Regional Symposium, San Diego, CA

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