Volume XXXI, Number 7
July 2016

Clarification for Hospice Resident on MMP

As you know, there are currently six counties that are participating in the Texas Dual Eligibles Integrated Care Demonstration Project:  Bexar, Dallas, El Paso, Harris, Hidalgo, and Tarrant counties.  This project, more commonly known as “MMP” (Medicare-Medicaid Plan), was designed to integrate care for Texas beneficiaries who have both Medicare and Medicaid.

An issue recently surfaced regarding a resident on MMP that elects Hospice.  According to a clarification recently received from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), for a resident on MMP that elects Hospice, the resident’s traditional Part A comes back into play for any dual non-hospice services, with the MMP monitoring the process.  When in doubt providers should contact the MMP to determine who is responsible to pay for services that are non-hospice related.

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  • Clarification for Hospice Resident on MMP

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