Volume XXXI, Number 6
June 2016

“Driving Recognition for Success”

-Submitted by:
Conner T Greenspan, LNFA
Region 7 Chair

In any industry the aspects of turnover can be detrimental to any organization. The effects don’t just stop there unfortunately. When turnover is significantly high, such as the 75% average we deal with in Long Term Care according to the National Health Care Association, it begins a domino effect that causes most of us to work twice as hard to correct the subsequent problems that stem from this issue.

The proactive step to take to get in front of the initial problem of turnover is taking the time out to recognize your employees for the job they are doing. At the core of all of us is the need for self-actualization. The understanding that the work we perform day in, and day out is meaningful and is achieving something that will be recognized by others, but internally as well. This is where recognition can play a vital role within our organizations.

Recognition is the vehicle that can deliver the self-actualization that is a core need for all of us. This does prompt the question of, what is recognition, and what are the ways that we do recognize the employees we have? Recognition is not simply just telling an employee/person in passing “good job.” To implement an effective recognition program it is imperative that the process is comprehensive and extensive in the display of that recognition in front of peers and colleagues.

These exercises need to be comprehensive in the fact that the recognition needs to incorporate the specific attributes that will drive people to achieve excellence. Identifying these specifics will create a system that enables people to remember the exact tasks, outcomes, etc. that are the end goal.

Extensively displaying this recognition in front of others allows other to see and understand the excellence that a member of the organization has achieved, as well as creating an identity the person being recognized can define themselves by. This will create a culture in an organization that is built upon accomplishment, excellence, and acknowledgement.

Implementing the simple task of recognition of the people in, or around the organizations we deal with sets in a motion a course for success. It is the proactive step to take to get in front of the severe problem of turnover, an issue where the problems don’t just stop there. I encourage all of you reading this to dedicate time each day to think of new, exciting ways of recognizing and rewarding the members in, or around your organizations. It will tremendously build morale up, create a positive culture, and will probably be the most fun that you get to have each day you perform it.


News from the Regions……

THCA Region 2: 

THCA staff is working to schedule at THCA Region 2 Meeting Election as we have a candidate that has stepped forward!  If you are interested in becoming a candidate as well, and meet the candidate requirements, please contact Gina Muniz at the THCA office, (512) 458-1257;  at your earliest opportunity.

Region Chair Candidate Qualifications:

  • Affiliated with a Member Provider facility in good standing which has held provider membership with THCA for at least one (1) year; and
  • Have sufficient time to devote to the affairs of the Association
  • Facility Owner/Operator does not currently have three representatives holding positions on the THCA Board of Directors.

THCA Region 3:

THCA Region 3 would like to thank Gavin Gadberry with the Underwood Law Firm and Schryver Medical for supporting our May meeting!  If you would like to be added to the THCA Region 3 meeting notice distribution group, please e-mail Raul Espinosa.



THCA Region 7:

THCA Region 7 will hold a meeting on Friday, June 17th from 1:30 PM to 4PM at Kung Fu Saloon in Houston with Guest Speaker Ronna Robbins, NLS Registered Dietician with THCA  Associate Business Member, Nutritious Lifestyles, presenting, “Nutrition and Pressure Ulcer Prevention”.  This presentation provides continuing education credit for LNFA’s, ALM’s, Nurses and Certified Dietary Managers.  Region Meeting Dues are $40/person.  Space is limited, so RSVP at your earliest opportunity to Rodney Biggs, Schryver Medical or Conner Greenspan, HMG Healthcare, LLC.  If you are not currently receiving meeting notices for Region 7 and would like to, e-mail your request to Rodney Biggs, Schryver Medical.


Questions?  Contact your Region Chair or THCA staff Gina Muniz.

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