Regulatory Update and Links to Resources

CMS has released an advanced copy of Appendix PP and the crosswalk. Here are links to this information:

Survey and Cert Letter 17-36

Advance Appendix PP including Phase 2 [Effective November 28, 2017]

F-tag crosswalk comparing the old F-tags to the new

New F-tag job aid reflecting the new regulatory groupings

Highlights for Phase 2 of Long Term Care Regulations:

  • Implement by November 28, 2017 — Providers must be in compliance with Phase 2 regulations
  • All States will begin using a new computer–based survey process for LTC surveys
    • The basic elements are the same – observation, record review and interviews. Surveyors will

Providers have access to Web Based Training on the new LTC Regulations. At this site you can access CMS-provided Web-based training, video webcasts and archived webinars


CMS is hosting a Nursing Home Facility Assessment Tool and State Operations Manual Revisions Call on September 7, 2017. To register go to: