Commitment to Care (CtoC) seeks to make Texas a national leader in quality nursing home care. CtoC is a collaborative effort between nursing home providers, community leaders, and stakeholders to improve workforce stability, promote best practices to improve clinical outcomes and survey performance, and to work with legislators to advocate for public policy that enhances the quality care needs of the frail and elderly.

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Consistent Assignment and Staff Turnover Resources (TMFQIN)
Engaging Staff (Pioneer Network)
Leadership Excellence (AHCA)
Leadership Resources (IHI)
Staff Stability Tools (Advancing Excellence)
Staffing Transformation (Pioneer Network)
Workforce Resources (AHCA)
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Clinical Practice (AHCA)
Consistent Assignment and Staff Turnover Resources (TMFQIN)
Healthcare Associated Infections (TMFQIN)
LTC Trend Tracker (AHCA)
Medication Management (TMFQIN)
Nursing Home Quality Improvement (TMFQIN)
Quality Improvement (AHCA)
Readmissions (IHI)
Readmissions (TMFQIN)
Rapid Response Teams (IHI)
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Quality Improvement Initiatives (TMFQIN)
Survey and Regulatory Resources (AHCA)
Texas Quality Monitoring Program (DADS)
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THCA Legislative Priorities
Stable Funding
Quality Care
THCA Issue Briefs
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September: Your Top-Line Report Part II…How do I use it?

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As part of the C to C initiative, each month THCA provides relevant news and best practices on a specific quality topic related to long term care.

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The Your Top-Line report is designed to help facilities succeed in improving their Five Star performance.

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