THCA Notes

Volume XXXII, Number 1
January 2017



THCA Associate Business Members:

Happy New Year! As we begin to support provider members of THCA, our clients and others who benefit from the services and/or products our businesses provide, I’d like to share a few updates that will be helpful in your THCA networking efforts:

  1. Recognizing the importance of the THCA Associate Business Members, Gina Muniz has been repositioned as the direct staff contact and support for THCA Business Members. Gina’s focus will be developing and coordinating opportunities for representatives of our THCA Business Member organizations to become Active Advocates for Long Term Care while networking with clients and potential clients. Some of which include: Capitol Visits during the 85th Texas Legislature which convenes this month; attending and supporting Region Meetings throughout the state; registration/participation opportunities at THCA hosted conferences and conventions, speaker opportunities at THCA hosted events, partnerships with the association, and more.  Many of you may already know Gina, but for those that have not had an opportunity to meet her, would like to re-introduce yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact her either by e-mail ( or phone (512/458-1257) at the THCA office.
  2. THCA 2017 Associate Business Membership Dues Statements were mailed to your corporate offices mid-December. I encourage you to ensure your company has submitted or is processing your renewals to ensure you to receive information disseminated to THCA membership. You can request a copy to be e-mailed to you by e-mailing Gina (

In closing, you may recall the theme for the 2016 THCA Annual Convention & Trade Show was Unity is Strength.  Although the 2016 convention has passed, I ask that each of you continue to do your part in strengthening our Association by talking with those that are not currently members of THCA (clients and other businesses) about the many benefits of membership.  Advocating together, we can make a difference for the patients and residents of rehabilitation, nursing and assisted living communities in Texas.

Thank you for your membership in 2016. I look forward to your continued membership in 2017.

Buddy Parker, Chair

Chair of the THCA Business Advisory Committee


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