THCA Notes

Volume XXXI, Number 9
September 2016

President’s Report

“One extends one’s limits only by exceeding them.” M. Scott Peck

Expanding the strengths while mitigating the weaknesses

It’s one of the most common interview questions asked by managers and supervisors alike, “what are your strengths and weaknesses?” But what are we really looking for in the response to the question? Are we assessing integrity based upon perceived candor of the candidate’s “weaknesses”? Are we looking for strengths to complement the team currently in place? What are we looking for in that question? I would contend, it depends. Depends on the team, depends of the supervisor, depends on the responsibilities of the position, and it also can depend on the response(s) to the follow up questions based upon the answer given.

Regardless, you can’t eliminate the “weaknesses”. We can however, help mitigate the effect those tendencies may have, so that both the individual and the team can achieve beyond their own level of expectation. In sports, you hear it called “coaching up”. The best coaches have the ability to coach up players beyond the level of expectation. The best leaders have that same ability to coach up their team members to achieve beyond what the employee themselves, believes he can accomplish. In both cases, we reinforce the positive aspects of their abilities, while looking for ways to help either avoid situations, or learn to anticipate a situation before the negative outcome can occur.

So coach em up! They’re counting you on just as much as you’re counting on them. When we exceed expectation, everyone wins. Help each other avoid those situations that can spotlight challenges, in an otherwise solid member of your team. Thank you for what you do every single day.

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President’s Report

  • President’s Report – September 2016

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