THCA Notes

Volume XXXI, Number 9
September 2016

THCA analysis of survey activity and deficiencies – 3rd quarter FY 2016

Enclosed in this issue of THCA Notes are analyses based upon survey and deficiency activity that occurred in the third quarter of FY 2016 (March 1, 2016 through May 31, 2016). The first analysis lists the top ten most frequently cited survey deficiencies for the state as well as for each DADS region. Included are the tag number of the deficiency cited, a brief description of the deficiency, and the number of times cited. The second analysis contains reports listing the survey activity for all Purpose of Visits (POV), with survey activity related to Standard Surveys and survey activity related to Intake Investigations broken out separately. The reports utilize simple ratio analysis to compare survey activity between the DADS regions and for comparison to the state average, and contain a few charts to illustrate this activity.

If you have any questions regarding any of these reports, contact Tom Plowman at the THCA office.

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  • THCA analysis of survey activity and deficiencies – 3rd quarter FY 2016

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