Volume XXX, Number 10
 October 2015

Quality Award Sessions at the 66th Annual AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo in San Antonio, Oct 4-7, 2015

Texas was proud to have several AHCA Quality Award winners this year and hope to have even more in the years to come. With the focus on quality being so prominent in the media and enforcement environment the quality award program is an excellent way to examine your organization, make improvements and be acknowledged for it. This year at the AHCA/NCAL Convention and Expo the following sessions will be provided that focus on different levels of the Quality Awards and will provide strategies and tips to success.

Sunday, Oct. 4th 1:00 PM

Concurrent sessions focusing on each of the Quality Awards

Monday, Oct 5th 8:00AM

The Bronze Quality Award: How-To, Tools, and Resources

Monday, Oct 5th 3:00 PM

Performance Results: Selecting, Comparing, and Using Data to Drive Improvement

Tuesday, Oct 6th 8:00 AM

Through the Eyes of an Examiner

Tuesday, Oct 6th 2:30 PM

The Importance of Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Wednesday, Oct 7th 11:00 AM

It’s More than a List of Questions: using the Quality Award Criteria as Your Roadmap to Excellence!

Wednesday, Oct 7th 1:30 PM

Avoiding the Top Pitfalls of the Silver Application

Make it your goal today to take part in the Quality Award Program, whether that means getting started with your first application (Bronze) or taking it to the next level of either Silver or Gold.


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  • Quality Award Sessions at the 66th Annual AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo in San Antonio, Oct 4-7, 2015

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