Funding Senior Care Would Be Win for Texas Seniors, Communities and Jobs

Nursing homes, already reeling from low reimbursement rates, will find their difficulties growing, and quickly, without legislative action to solve the state’s senior care crisis.

The Texas Demographic Center reports the state’s over-65 population will more than double by 2030. This large demographic and their families will see legislative action as a signal that state leaders aren’t going to turn their back on someone just because they grow old and need assistance from others.

Improved funding for senior care would also be a win for Texas communities where nursing homes are often among the largest employers. The nursing home industry is a significant contributor to the state’s economy, generating $14.6 billion annually in economic activity in Texas. $6.6 billion is generated through labor income alone.

Currently, 25% of nursing homes are operating at levels which place them at risk for closure. Addressing the senior care crisis can help preserve and add jobs to the state’s economy and bolster the long term care supply chain that supports Texas nursing homes.

The nursing home crisis in Texas is growing, and the senior population in this state is taking notice. As the senior demographic grows, the importance of issues that affect them will too. Senior Texans are watching to see how state leaders act to prevent the preventable and show that investing in quality care for senior Texans is worth it.