Volume XXX, Number 12
December 2015

House Speaker Announces Interim Charges

The growing numbers of aging Texans and Medicaid Managed Care are among the topics which the Texas House will be examining in the months leading up to the January, 2017 start of the 85th Legislature.

The Speaker released his charges in early November. The Lieutenant Governor announced the Senate’s charges in October.

Known as interim studies, these are the issues various House committees are charged to look into before the next legislative session begins. These studies have long been used by the Legislature to learn about issues which they believe need more time to examine than is possible during the legislative session. They will hold hearings and take public testimony on the issues, likely beginning early in 2016.

Recommendations coming from these studies are usually included in legislation. They are often thought to have a better chance to pass because of the committee’s backing than if they had been introduced without a study.

They also give an indication as to what the leadership in each chamber believes should be priorities for the next Legislature.

The committee with jurisdiction over most long term care issues, the House Human Services Committee, has two charges that are of particular interest to long term care providers.

These are:

Study the ten year anticipated growth, the geographic distribution, and the projected economic impact of aging Texans. Review state services and programs available to seniors, including independent living services, and determine the capacity and effectiveness of the programs. Determine if Texas is prepared for the increased demands of aging Texans.

Review the Health and Human Services Commission’s Medicaid managed care organizations policies and procedures including a review of quality initiatives. Study contract management and assess the Vendor Drug Program drug formularies and current function. Identify the savings achieved by moving Medicaid into managed care. Determine what mechanisms or policies could be modified or strengthened to encourage increased participation or retention of health care providers in the Medicaid managed care system.

The first of those charges will be taken up by the committee in a hearing on December 15.

THCA will also monitor charges in other committees. These include studies of Medicaid costs and work force development.

CLICK HERE to view all of the House’s charges.

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  • House Speaker Announces Interim Charges


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